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  • Recommendation traps

    by optimizing, you will never introduce anything new; what limits your potential growth introducing more and more promotions may be harmful to your brand

  • Why do we need historical data?

    Why do we need historical data?

    one point if not enough function having only two dimensions to find a function that defines relation between media spend and sales we need enough points, one point is not enough  

  • What KPI can we model?

    KPIs that we want to increase/manage thanks to MMM? sales volume/value awareness traffic read more

  • What is MMM?

    Marketing Mix Modelling statistical analysis to estimate the impact of various marketing activities on KPIs used for marketing mix optimization: calculation of ROI for each channel/campaign forecast/plan future activities read more

  • Why to do MMM?

    no cookies data required do not require unique user data not based on a declarative survey based on actual numbers and statistical models read more

  • What questions does MMM answer?

    what is the ROI of my marketing activities? how to optimize the marketing budget? which ads perform better? read more